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To take advantage of the best auto financing services in Sherbrooke, Rock Forest, Lennoxville, Brompton and in the Eastern Townships, trust Sherbrooke Honda! Apply for credit now to quickly get pre-approved for a car loan.

The financing of your Honda is determined by the amount you need to borrow to pay the price of the car plus applicable taxes. Once the financing is obtained, you will have to repay the amount borrowed and the interest, generally by means of equal and consecutive monthly payments spread over a predetermined period.

Benefits of Buying Your Honda With Honda Financial Services

  • You are the owner of the vehicle.
  • All retail loans are open and you can repay the financing at any time without penalty for early termination.
  • The method of calculating interest is simple.
  • No mileage charges.
  • No charges for wear or damage.
  • Increased equity.
  • Flexible terms.

Points to consider
The monthly payments for the financing of your Honda are generally higher than the payments for a rental because you finance the total cost of your car which includes the applicable taxes as well as the purchase price.

You are responsible for insurance coverage. The required insurance is usually mentioned in your financing contract.

You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. You will find a maintenance schedule on our site.

When you have made all the payments, you will own the car.

Options offered by Honda Financial Services

Conventional Financing: With the regular Honda Financial Services program, you can customize the purchase of your Honda to reflect your individual needs.

Come meet one of our Honda financing advisors to find out more!

Rental options

Our dynamic team is perfectly able to advise you on the rental of a Honda in Sherbrooke.

Rental options are like a lease, you only pay for what you use. The payments are established on the difference between the cost of the vehicle and its value at the end of the lease plus the rental costs. Taxes are included in monthly payments rather than calculated on the total cost of the vehicle.

Benefits of renting your Honda from Honda Canada Finance inc.

A new car more often: With lower monthly payments spread over a shorter period of time, you can drive a new Honda vehicle more often.

Lower monthly payments: Lease option payments are generally lower than retail payments for the same vehicle.

Unconditional rental contract: you can choose to buy the vehicle at a price determined in advance and mention in your rental contract, plus applicable taxes, or return the vehicle without other obligations. If you decide to return your vehicle, you only have to make sure that you do not exceed the authorized mileage, that no unpaid fine remains and that the vehicle does not show any wear.

No fees: Honda Canada Finance inc. does not require any administration, early termination, end of rental or vehicle delivery fees.

Automatic GAP protection: If your hired Honda vehicle is involved in an accident, vandalized or stolen, it can then be recorded as total loss. According to insurance companies, "total loss" means that the value of the vehicle is that of its fair market value, less your deductible. The regulations offered by your insurance companies may not correspond to your financial obligations. Our Future Value rental protects you in these situations. Guaranteed asset protection between the settlement offered by your insurance, less your deductible, and your obligations under the rental agreement is automatically covered by our GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection). Certain conditions may be required. Contact a Sherbrooke Honda advisor online or by phone for more details.

Flexible terms
Have more money or invest

Liability for insurance
You are responsible for insurance coverage. The required cover is indicated in your rental agreement.

Deposit under rental
Under the rental, no deposit is required. When it is a rental, you can give a deposit to reduce the amount of monthly payments. In rental, the cash cannot exceed 30% of the total price.

Cash due at time of delivery
Most rental agreements require that a first payment be made upon delivery of the vehicle, as well as a refundable security deposit and various fees.

Responsibility for maintenance
You are responsible for servicing and repairing the automobile.

Excessive wear and deterioration
Established at the expiration of your rental, that is to say: scratches in the paint, missing equipment with which the vehicle was fitted, cracked or chipped glass, mechanical damage, perforations, tears or burns on the upholstery.

Allocated mileage
The annual mileage allocated is 24,000 km. When signing the contract, you can purchase additional mileage.

Price of the rented vehicle (total price of the vehicle)
The transaction price is also used to calculate your rental payments. Taxes are not included in this transaction price, but all equipment, accessories, transportation and fees billed by the dealer are.

Total rental cost
The total rental cost is made up of the total monthly payments plus any amount paid to reduce the cost of the vehicle, i.e. the deposit, the vehicle returned in exchange plus applicable taxes, vehicle registration and registration fees.

Rental rates and fees
The rental rate and related charges are disclosed in our full disclosure contract

Auto Credit - 2nd Chance Credit

As Sherbrooke Honda is committed to meeting all of your automotive needs with professionalism, we offer comprehensive second chance credit services in Sherbrooke and the Eastern Townships. Thanks to Sherbrooke Honda, finally get the car loan you need, regardless of your current or past situation.

You have no credit at all, have you gone bankrupt or had financial problems in the past, are unemployed, divorced, or in any other situation that prevents you from getting car credit? We have the solutions. Our specialists in alternative automobile financing will analyze your credit request in order to find the solutions that suit you. You will be able to buy a vehicle that meets your needs, and restore your credit at the same time.

Choose the vehicle that interests you from our new Honda vehicles or our used cars and trucks, and then send us our credit request form. We take care of the rest ! Thanks to our expertise and our vast network of contacts and partners among financial institutions, we will be able to finance your vehicle while respecting your needs and your budget. For all the details, contact us online or by phone.

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